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Empowering underprivileged school and college students


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A Beacon of Hope

In the vast landscape of education, where opportunities often elude the underprivileged, Joyful Education Academy (JEA) emerges as a beacon of hope. JEA recognises that core employability skills, especially English communication skills, can be a transformative force for students who, due to various circumstances, find themselves without access to quality education. The consequences of limited educational opportunities often lead to unemployment, perpetuating financial crises and a lack of essential resources for families.

Founded in 2022

Embarking on a mission to transform education and uplift communities, Joyful Education Academy was founded in 2022 by the visionary leader, Vishal Kaushal. With a commitment to providing more than just a traditional learning experience, Vishal took the reins, steering JEA towards a brighter future.

Since our inception, Joyful Education Academy has become a dynamic hub of learning, attracting a diverse community of learners. With pride, we've enrolled and nurtured the growth of over 80 students, each emerging not just with knowledge but with a rich tapestry of essential skills that propels them confidently into the future.

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Be Joyful In Hope

Working tirelessly to empower underprivileged school and college students
Joyful Education Academy supplements children and youth's regular education with training in communication skills (especially English) and core employability skills. Through tailored assistance, training, and resources, JEA nurtures the potential within these youths, transforming them into productive and creative individuals.

How Can You Support Us?

Extend our reach to more underprivileged students in North India
We seek support from like-minded organisations, individuals, and philanthropists who can contribute resources, funds, and prayers to propel the mission forward. Together, let's illuminate the path to education and empowerment for those who need it the most.