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Empowering underprivileged school and college students



Vishal Kaushal, Founder

Vishal Kaushal, a visionary leader and Founder of Joyful Education Academy, stands at the intersection of education, travel, and entrepreneurship, weaving a compelling narrative of diverse expertise and passion.

Armed with a Master's degree in Chemistry from Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow University, Uttar Pradesh, India, Vishal has honed a profound understanding of the sciences, coupled with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

At the helm of Joyful Education Academy, Vishal's mission is to craft innovative learning experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, igniting inspiration and empowerment among students. As a seasoned facilitator, he infuses creativity and engagement into every educational pursuit, fostering an environment that fosters growth.

Venturing beyond education, Vishal is a skilled travel operator, orchestrating unforgettable journeys that seamlessly blend adventure and cultural immersion. His entrepreneurial spirit propels him to continually seek new opportunities, leaving a meaningful impact across various industries.


Off the professional stage, Vishal finds joy in the competitive thrill of the table tennis court during his leisure moments. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to spreading joy reverberate through all his endeavours, leaving an indelible positive mark in both the educational and entrepreneurial landscapes.


Deepali Kaushal, Teacher, Manager and Accountant

Deepali Kaushal stands as a dynamic force within the Joyful Education Academy, donning multiple hats as a teacher, manager, and accountant. With an unwavering passion for education and organisational excellence, Deepali plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the academy's programs and financial functions.

Currently pursuing her Master's degree in Commerce from IGNOU, New Delhi, Deepali is on a quest to expand her knowledge and skills in the realm of business and finance. Her academic pursuits synergise seamlessly with her hands-on experience, allowing her to bring a wealth of fresh insights and expertise to her integral role at Joyful Education Academy.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Deepali finds solace and joy in singing, utilising this creative outlet to infuse an artistic touch into the academy's environment. Her love for music mirrors her vibrant personality, adding a unique dimension to the atmosphere at Joyful Education Academy.

Armed with excellent communication and negotiation skills, Deepali excels in building meaningful relationships and fostering collaboration, both within the organisation and with external stakeholders. Her ability to communicate effectively and negotiate ensures that the academy operates efficiently, achieving its goals with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Hemant Thather, Mobilization Specialist, Tech Management

Hemant Thather is a Mobilisation Specialist with a focus on Tech Management at Joyful Education Academy, playing a pivotal role in steering the mobilisation and enrolment of new students while concurrently overseeing the organisation's tech and computer systems. Possessing a meticulous eye for detail and a profound passion for utilising technology in education, Hemant is the driving force behind the smooth and efficient operations of the academy.

Currently advancing his education with a pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Science from Nepal, Hemant seamlessly integrates his academic foundation with hands-on experience, making meaningful contributions to the academy's overarching mission. Despite his predominantly remote work environment, Hemant's dedication and commitment shine through in his proactive approach to student recruitment and tech management.

Beyond his professional commitments, Hemant nurtures his love for travel, drawing inspiration and rejuvenation from exploring new destinations and immersing himself in diverse cultures. His adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity propel his continuous personal and professional growth.


Be Joyful In Hope

Working tirelessly to empower underprivileged school and college students
Joyful Education Academy supplements children and youth's regular education with training in communication skills (especially English) and core employability skills. Through tailored assistance, training, and resources, JEA nurtures the potential within these youths, transforming them into productive and creative individuals.

How Can You Support Us?

Extend our reach to more underprivileged students in North India
We seek support from like-minded organisations, individuals, and philanthropists who can contribute resources, funds, and prayers to propel the mission forward. Together, let's illuminate the path to education and empowerment for those who need it the most.